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New Republic Studios President Discusses Gender Inequality in the Film Industry

After being the first woman appointed president of New Republic Studios, Mindy Raymond chats about the growth of film production in Austin, gender inequality and how she transformed from an actress to running a film-production company.

Photo and story by Emily Benson

Mindy Raymond, an Austin-based actress and entrepreneur, recently became the first female president of film-production company New Republic Studios. Located just outside Austin on 200 acres of land stretching across the Colorado River, the studio houses three sound stages, two private screening rooms and provides on-site construction and set design. Raymond is no stranger to leadership, serving on the Austin Actors Conservatory board and the Texas Motion Picture Alliance board. Shifting her attention from her acting career, Raymond is now focused on helping Austin become a production hot spot for filmmakers.

Austin Woman caught up with Raymond to talk about Austin as a rising city for film, pay inequality between co-stars and how the #MeToo era has affected women in the film industry.


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