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Journal Profile: Mindy Raymond has her finger on the pulse of the Texas film industry

By Paul Thompson  – Assistant managing editor, Austin Business Journal

Feb 21, 2019, 11:51pm EST

To this day, Mindy Raymond easily recalls the advice she once received from Academy Award-winning actress Melissa Leo during a stage reading. Raymond was pacing back and forth but Leo stopped her to offer constructive criticism.

“Every place you’re going, make it purposeful,” Raymond recalled Leo saying. “Otherwise just be grounded where you are.”

“That’s such a good note, even for auditioning,” Raymond added.

As the president of Elgin’s New Republic Studios and a staunch advocate for film incentives in the state — she was once executive director of the Texas Motion Picture Association — Raymond is frequently on the move these days. But it would be tough to argue there isn’t purpose in her actions....